Warriors Are Like Pearls and Biscuits

Warriors Are Like Pearls and Biscuits

Sherry-Marie Perguson


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“Warriors are like Pearls & Biscuits!” another hysterical and quick-witted journey where the unexpected happens and faith abounds!
A Warrior Princess not only needs her sword for battle, but her armor is not complete until she dons her pearls. Sherry-Marie’s Southern roots once again shine forth with unfaltering faith, pearls of wisdom, encouragement, Sherryisms, humor and sassiness, all of which makes her story-telling style so unique.
As you travel with Sherry-Marie on her latest journey, you will be entertained with how a biscuit “feels” in Chapter 3 and how it relates to becoming a Victorious Warrior. You will chuckle as you get a new vision of “Jesus take the wheel”, in Chapter 7. And throughout every bend, curve, bump and straight-a-way in this adventure you will come to realize the amazing grace, unconditional love and unequaled mercy God extends to each of us.
Sherry-Marie spins her unique take on how to become a Victorious Warrior, the preferred Victorious Warrior armor and how to claim your Warrior Victory in chapter after chapter. After all, there are many Warriors in the battle, but not every Warrior is victorious.
Sherry-Marie’s ability to entertain doesn’t leave you disappointed! You will get a vision of how God goes “junkin” and the possibilities of “re-purposing”!
From the Introduction to the very last line in Chapter 7, you will succumb to laughter, tears, hope, encouragement, and above all Faith in the GREAT I AM!.
A part of Sherry-Marie’s uniqueness is her “Sherryism’s”. In this book, she once again delights her readers with her wit and wisdom.
Then, after all this, if you are still wanting more… Sherry-Marie reserved Chapter 8 to be a treasure trove of yummy recipes from her family and friends.
This new book written by southern, sassy, Sherry-Marie is a must have for your library!
This could be her very best adventure yet! Get ready to be entertained and encouraged in a style that is all Sherry-Marie!


Sherry-Marie Perguson:

Sherry-Marie Perguson is known for her ability to entertain readers with her life stories, which are told in a sassy, southern, and humorous style. She is the author of seven fun and inspirational books:
The Faith, Family, Friends and Fried Chicken trilogy
Southern & Sassy … with a Side of Faith
And Then God Made Chocolate
God, You, and Red Ruby Shoes
Your Crown Slips, So What, Sparkle On
Sherry-Marie continues to spread joy and encouragement to all her readers everywhere. As a speaker, she has held women’s conferences, and she is in demand at all types of ladies’ events, such as book clubs, coffee groups, and corporate self-help seminars.
Sherry-Marie resides in the Phoenix, Arizona, area. There she has been showcased on Channel 3 Arizona’s Family Morning Show and featured in the local magazine 85086.
She is a songwriter and a musician. She has written over seventy songs. Many of them have been recorded on her personal and family albums.
She is a businesswoman. She has owned and operated a highly successful tearoom and a mini antique mall for several years.
But her passion by far is her desire to be an encourager. This explains her quest to become an author.
When asked why she loves writing and speaking so much, Sherry-Marie responded,
I have fallen in love with my readers. We know life is short and filled with lots of ups and downs. But if I can bring a smile to your face and chuckle from your belly, make you hungry and you get up to cook one of our recipes, and encourage you to keep your faith and know Jesus a little better, I am the most blessed of all women.